Type and False Identity: A small group workshop with the Enneagram led by Rev. Andrea Andress
April 3 through May 1, 6:30 – 9:00 pm, Room H-7
Type and False Identity
Personality is “who I think I am.”  It is a self-concept that builds in childhood and, once formed, is so much “who we are” that we do not recognize it as a highly sophisticated construct built from imagination, imitation, and a need to be appreciated.  Our identifications protect us from feelings of anxiety, discomfort and uncertainty about facing the unknown, yet limit our freedom to experience and act from a truer, inner self.  Jesus talks about dying to self and it is this false self he is referring to so that we can live to the true person we are meant to be.  
The objectives of this course are to clarify and deepen our understanding that personality is a structure which is formed and held in place by habits of attention, and to develop and strengthen one’s awareness and experience of their inner observer.  The format is highly interactive and includes exercises, practices, and dialogue on the habits of attention, idealization, identification, secondary gain, stress and security points that reinforce the structure of type.
This is the first class in a series on reducing the barriers to spiritual freedom.  It is presented in five 2½ hour sessions. Check with Rev. Andress if you want more information about the Enneagram as a basis for the course or scholarships contact Rev. Andress at andrea@pvumc.org or 602-840-8360 ext 142.  
Cost:  $100 includes class materials. Scholarships are available 
Registration:  online at www.azenneagram.com  or by phone at 480-367–1998 with Diane Shevlin.  If applying discounts you must register with Diane and not online.
Location:  Room H-7 at Paradise Valley United Methodist Church, 4455 E. Lincoln Drive, Paradise Valley, AZ  85253.  Park at the far south parking lot to enter the Hobbs building.