• arizonaeneagram.com – This page will update you on current workshops offered by the Arizona Enneagram Association (AEA), a non-profit whose mission is “building conscious community by providing opportunities to grow in self-awareness, compassionate understanding and better relationships.  Click on to the professionals page to find teachers, coaches and counselors who work with the Enneagram.
  • Sedona Enneagram Movements – A wonderful 8 minute video created by Enneagram Teacher Robin Cameron that captures the dynamic of the core nine types in physical movements.
  • Meetups – For Phoenix, AZ meetups, see the AEA webpage or the Arizona Enneagram Meetup Group Page. For Tucson, AZ meetups, see the Enneagram Enthusiast Meetup Group Page. (Note: Andrea is one of the facilitators for the Phoenix Enneagram Meetups.)
  • enneagramworldwide.com – The Worldwide Enneagram is the Narrative Enneagram, an educational nonprofit dedicated to transforming lives and creating a more compassionate world.  The site has a test you can take along with interviews of people from the different types that illustrates the different issues and energy the types have.  I trained in the Narrative Tradition in the early 2000’s.  Scholarship assistance is available for these excellent programs in certification.


The Enneagram

Andrea offers private Enneagram Interviews, group workshops and individual sessions for personal and professional growth.


Enneagram –  A Personality System of Nine Types

A powerful tool for self-understanding and self-development

Enneagram is a Greek word meaning Nine models. This nine type dynamic personality system allows us to see the structure of our habitual patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving through working with the Mental, Heart and Body Centers. Anyone who can reflect on their life can work with this system for spiritual and moral growth.

Wonder why you react to certain things people do, but not to others.  Do you get angry quickly, repress your resentment, or deal with it in passive aggressive ways?

Wonder why you run away from (avoid) painful situations?  Or perhaps you run toward danger to meet it before it can get to you, or you simply watch, observe and quietly slip away?

Wonder why you tune into other people’s feelings, why you seem to be always longing for that one thing that stays out of reach, or why you are so driven to accomplish more and more, to be the one who makes it all happen?


Become Your True Self

The Nine personality types look at how you react to situations and delve into the motives that keep the habits you have developed over time in place.  We can make new habits, but fundamental to changing those habits and behaviors is noticing and naming them and then reflecting on why we do them in the first place and what we gain from that.

Change is possible.  First we must become aware of the behavior.  Then we can begin to look into why we act this way, what it gives us, and what it blocks us from becoming – our true self.

The Nine types are listed below with key words that are associated with each type.


From the Body Center – Concern with Anger/Power and Control

Type 9 – Mediator, Peacemaker, Preservationist, avoiding conflict, seeking harmony

Type 8 – Boss, Protector, Confronter, avoiding being the victim, seeking truth and strength, fighting for what is perceived to be right

Type 1 – Perfectionist, Achiever, Reformer, avoiding being wrong, seeking for the right, correct way of doing, being


From the Mental Center – Concern with Fear/Safety and Security

Type 6 – Loyal Skeptic, Traditionalist, Guardian, avoiding danger, seeking safety

Type 7 – Epicure, Adventurer, Dreamer, avoiding pain, seeking the pleasant possibilities of life

Type 5 – Observer, Investigator, Specialist, avoid being imposed on and ignorance, seeing full knowledge, abundance


From the Heart Center – Concern with Distress/Image – Self Esteem and Affirmation

Type 3 – Performer, The CEO, The Communicator, avoiding failure, seeking love

Type 2 – Giver, Helper, Enabler, avoid being needy, seeking appreciation

Type 4 – Tragic Romantic, Individualist, Artist, avoiding being ordinary, seeking uniqueness


Personal Interviews can discuss many things including the following: 

Help in discovering what your type is . . . . . .

A question or two about your type, or your interaction with someone of another type . . . . . . . . .

Help in discovering your subtype . . . .

Spiritual jump starts for your type . . . .